by Naomi Rosen on January 14, 2019

My name is Naomi Rosen, and I am honored to be Dancin Power 1st Jr. Teacher! Last year when preparing for my Bat Mitzvah, which is a ceremony that marks the passage of the child into adulthood in the Jewish Community, I learned about Dancin Power. During the Bat or Bar mitzvah process, we are encouraged to choose a Mitzvah Project, which is a way for boys and girls to give back to the community, for mine I picked Dancin Power.

I have been doing hip-hop dance since I was three years old I have never stopped loving it. Dancing is such a huge part of my life! I think everyone should be able to experience the power of dance. I felt a strong connection to Dancin Power from the moment I first heard about it. Based on my personal experience growing up, I know what it is like to be in the hospital for more than a checkup or broken bone. I know how important it is to have joy and happiness while spending long days inside a hospital room, and that is precisely what Dancin Power is doing for so many kids.

Having a chance to do my Mitzvah Project with Dancin Power was such a cool experience and process! I got a chance to attend the 1st Dancin Power Jr. Teacher Training, and meet another teen from NYC. I learned all about the Dancin Power program across the United States. Once I was done with the training, I created a video, that Dancin Power teachers are now able to show to all hospitalized kids, and then break down the moves for them. The video shows my choreography where I am using adapted dance in a way that kids who were seating, standing, or laying down, would be able to do, no matter their movement ability level.

It makes me happy to know that the choreography I created will be taught to kids who are sick and having a hard time in the hospital and that, dancing might become their favorite part of the day. I hope that my love of dance and positive energy through the video can help bring happy moments to these children and their families, even while being in the hospital. This feeling and thought mean the world to me, and I know that I will never forget this experience.