Privacy Policy

Dancin Power respects the privacy interests and preferences of our donors and website visitors. We are committed to full transparency in outlining what information we collect about donors and visitors, how it is used and how you can opt-out of those programs (online or by traditional communications) if you so choose.

Personal contact information we collect and what we do with it

When you are making a donation, paying for a ticket for one of our teacher’s training, or subscribing to our online newsletter, Dancin Power asks you for personal contact information such as your name, mailing address, phone number and email address. We may use this contact information to provide you with a receipt; to contact you to clarify or obtain additional information about a donation or order you placed, or a to follow up in case you demonstrated an interest in getting involved with Dancin Power’s work, or to send you additional information about Dancin Power.

If you make a donation, we may contact you on occasion to offer you an opportunity to make another gift or to inform you of promotions involving third-party sponsors that will directly benefit Dancin Power. You may also receive a personal call from a Dancin Power staff member or volunteer thanking you for your donation. At all times you will have the opportunity to opt-out of future communications from us. Dancin Power will not share your information with anyone outside of our organization, for any purposes.

Personal billing information we collect and what we do with it

In addition to personal contact information, we ask for billing information, such as your billing address and credit card number, when you make a donation or pay for a ticket. We use secure servers to gather and process your billing information. Your billing information is not shared with any other organizations, and your credit card number is not retained once your transaction has been authorized and processed.

Financial transactions and our secure servers

All transactions use an encrypted channel, take place on secure servers and occur in real time. No financial data, such as your credit card number, is transferred via a less-secure channel, such as encrypted email, for processing. Moreover, once your transaction has been completed, your credit card number is not retained by Dancin Power.

Other contact information we collect and what we do with it

In some instances, we ask for contact information for people other than yourself including, for example, e-mail addresses of friends to whom you send e-cards or a copy of one of our Web pages, or the mailing address of someone you wish us to notify of a donation you have made. The information we collect is used to send the donation notification or information you requested and/or to inform the recipient of the opportunity to subscribe to receive Dancin Power updates, patient’s success stories and opportunities to get involved. Such contact information is not shared with any other organizations nor is it added to any mailing list without the recipient’s explicit consent.

How to change your contact preferences

If you do not wish to receive Dancin Power's E-news anymore, you can unsubscribe at the moment when you received the email, or you can contact us at:

Dancin Power
Attention: Donor Care
P.O. Box 11454
Oakland, CA 94611
E-mail address: [email protected]