In June of 2017, Dancin Power opened a new location serving patients at Yale New Haven Children's Hospital, CT!  Children being treated will now have Dancin Power by their side while they’re healing, providing them with adapted dance sessions tailored to their physical and emotional abilities. These sessions are so important, as many of these children spend the majority of their time battling life-threatening illnesses, having even just an hour to remember what it feels like to laugh, smile and move their bodies the way that most kids do every day, is a critical part of their care.

Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital serves over 8,000 children each year, helping them reach the health status they deserve. Yale’s patient-centered approach provides specialized care for children with a variety of health concerns including cancer, digestive disorders and endocrinological and respiratory diseases. Yale is also a premier teaching hospital, helping doctors in their residency gain the experience they need to provide quality care throughout their careers.

We are thrilled to be working with yet another teaching hospital, where new doctors can observe Dancin Power and the impact it has on the children’s emotional well-being, as well as the integral role it can play in their physical recovery. We are so excited to be able to positively impact the lives of sick children across the country in our first program location outside of California. Dancin Power is the only national nonprofit that is using the power of dance to transform sick and injured hospitalized children's lives. Our vision is that one day every hospitalized child in the United States will have the opportunity to express themselves through dance while facing their hospitalization journey.

All Dancin Power lessons, dance costumes, and Dancin Power Kits are given to the children we serve 100% FREE of charge and are made possible through the generous donations of supporters like you.

Support Dancin Power by making your charitable donation HERE, every dollar helps us do what we do!