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Isabel's journey with Dancin Power began in 2013 when she started taking lessons once a week during her weekly infusion stays at the Day Hospital. Born in Guatemala City, Isabel moved to the United States to receive life-saving medical treatment for MPS-6.

When Dancin Power's founder knocked on the door of the hospital room where she was staying, and introduced Dancin Power to Isabel, she was very surprised to find dance offered in a children's hospital where patients wearing IVs could still dance. Before being wheelchair-bound, Isabel shared that she used to love dancing. When Vania turned on the music and started to show some Brazilian dance moves to Isabel, her eyes started to sparkle. From that minute on, Isabel wouldn't stop taking our weekly dance lessons. Throughout the past years, she took many lessons with a wide variety of dance styles, including Brazilian, hip-hop, and ballet, and the list goes on.

A superstar student, she is like a Dancin Power ambassador, encouraging other patients to join Dancin Power, overcoming their initial shyness. Isabel's shining spirit continues to inspire, and we have no doubt she will continue to speak and shine wherever she goes.

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We first met Amanda at Children’s Hospital Oakland when she was just 6 years old. She was fighting a tough battle against brain cancer, spending many days and nights in the hospital. Despite the countless treatments, including several bone marrow transplants, Amanda's spirit remained strong.

Then came the magical moment when we introduced adapted dance lessons in the hospital's playroom. Amanda's eyes lit up with joy as she discovered the beauty of movement and expression through dance. It was a precious escape from the harsh reality of her illness, a moment where she felt like any other child, dancing freely alongside her beloved sister Karla and her devoted mom.

Every day, Amanda eagerly awaited her dance sessions, cherishing the opportunity to lose herself in the music and forget about her struggles, if only for a little while. For her, those moments were like rays of sunshine breaking through the storm clouds, filling her heart with hope and happiness.

Today, Amanda stands tall as a symbol of resilience and strength. Despite the challenges she faced, she emerged victorious, cancer-free for many years now. As she looks ahead to the future, her heart is filled with dreams and aspirations, with dancing continuing to play a central role in her life.

Amanda's journey is a powerful reminder of the transformative power of dance and the human spirit's capacity to overcome even the darkest of days. Let's join together in celebrating Amanda's triumphs and in wishing her a future filled with endless joy, love, and, of course, plenty of dancing.


Meet Diego


Watch Diego sing and dance while undergoing treatment at age five!

"Dancin Power has been part of him for some time. We are happy they have this for patients like my boy."—Suzy, Diego's mother

Diego's mom says singing and dancing have helped him brave difficult treatment for his aggressive form of leukemia.

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