June 10, 2024

General News Release

How is Dancin Power breaking barriers in medicine and improving hospitalized children’s lives through dance? Thanks to the NowThis video below about Dancin Power’s work gone viral, 23 states hope to initiate the program in their hospitals.

OAKLAND, CA - DANCIN POWER – Hospitalization can cause PTSD in kids and parents. The focus of a child’s hospitalization is necessarily towards their physical health, but psychological health is equally important. Dancin Power was formed to meet the emotional and psychosocial needs of hospitalized children.

Dancin Power broke barriers in medicine by developing the first of its kind adaptable and specially designed IN-hospital dancing program to help improve the lives of sick and injured children. Children’s hospitals aren’t usually associated with dance lessons, but Dancin Power is changing kids’ in-patient experiences.

Dancin Power Video - Youtube.png

• Over 19,000 hospitalized children and families’ lives have been transformed. 

• All IN-hospital dance lessons are 100% free of charge to the children.

• Dancin Power helps children move their bodies while listening to music, which reduces pain and anxiety, increases joy, improves the mood, and makes children feel happier!

“I wish that everyone that watches our video would know that making a simple donation they’d be helping Dancin Power transform a sick child’s life forever.” -Vania Deonizio, Founder of Dancin Power.

Dancin Power’s mission is to help transform the life of every hospitalized child in the United States.  The organization relies 100% on individual, corporate and foundation donations. Thanks to the support of people touched by the video and Dancin Power’s work, the organization is able to continue to bring its program into hospitals, helping kids feel better & happier!

Visit our website to learn more about our work: www.DancinPower.org

Media Contact:
Vania Deonizio
Founder of Dancin Power
Ph: 510-384-1199