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Dancin Power is honored to have been selected as a delegate to TEDMED_FRONT_LINE_scholarship.jpgTEDMED 2015! TEDMED is a TED conference dedicated to innovation in health and medicine. Dancin Power's founder, Vania Deonizio is the recipient of TEDMED Front Line Scholarship and is looking forward to representing Dancin Power. Dancin Power is the only organization of its kind in the United States, being part of TEDMED will provide visibility, and future possibilities nationwide and internationally. The scholarship amount of $2,475 will offset a portion of the cost, but won’t be enough as the total cost is $5,775We hope to count on your support as every donation helps, no matter how large or small. Dancin Power is a non profit 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax-deductible.

All donations received above the fundraising goal for Dancin Power to attend TEDMED will be use to allow Dancin Power to provide 100% free of charge dance workshops to the the thousands of hospitalized kids at the 4 children's hospitals and at 1 pediatric hospice we serve! 

$4,635.00 - Every $ donated above the goal will help provide FREE classes to our kids!
GOAL: $3,300.00
Contributions are tax deductible.

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    Just made a donation to Dancin Power
  • Barbara Evans
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    Just made a donation to Dancin Power! Fiz a minha doação! Faça você também... Temos só até o dia 18/10/2015 :)
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    Quoting my first best friend, Cynthia Duggan: "Guys, help this little group with a big heart make it to TEDMED. I wish every hospital had their program to bring music, movement and a tiny bit of joy to those who need it the most. Thanks for considering"
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    Please consider donating to Dancin Power. They do a great job providing dance classes to sick and injured kids in local hospitals and hospices.
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    Just made a donation to help my dear friend Vania Deonizio's org Dancin Power, attend TEDMED. Please support if you can!
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